Claudio Basic

Linen Jacket made from 100% Natural Linen, Italian Style Zip-up jacket with detachable hoodie

$197 $237
Color: KHAKI

Take a trendy stroll along the boardwalk with a refreshing coastal breeze. Throw on this Linen Clothing 100% Natural Italian Style ZIP-UP JACKET WITH DETACHABLE HOODIE zip-up jacket to look trendy wherever you go. With a detachable hoodie, you can customize your look according to your mood. The front side and sleeves are adorned with zippers for a trendy touch.

Claudio Milano designs European linen clothing in Italian Style made from %100 natural materials. Experts in Italian style quality linen dresses the clothing shop online offers claudio milano designed white summer dresses for women and linen pants for men. Unique Styled Linen Dresses Canada and Italian European linen clothing style made by linen designer clothing USA, Florida

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