Linen Wedding Dress

Wedding season is coming up, and one of the most important aspects of wedding planning is making sure that your outfit is just right for your big day. We recently spoke to Martha Holmes, a customer of ours who had her dream wedding dressed in Claudio linen from head to toe and brags that it was the best decision she could have made!

Martha, who refers to herself as a “simple” girl, wasn’t sure what she could wear to her wedding that would give her the classic, sophisticated look without being too over the top. Plus, there’s the issue of spending so much money on a dress that you’ll probably never get to wear again!

Knowing how important it is to find the perfect wedding outfit, we were eager and excited to help when she reached out to us with her concerns.

Touched by her story, and by the photos of her beautiful wedding, we couldn’t help but share it with the world.

Want to know more about her wedding and about her decision to go linen? Read our interview with Martha below!

1. We’d love to hear a little bit about you and your husband. How did you meet, etc?

David and I are high school sweet hearts and this is our second time around. We re-found each other after 33 years and have been having the time of our lives ever since. David is a physicist and I am an artist so it appears opposites do attract.  I don’t think a day goes by when we are not having a good laugh about something.

2. Tell us about your wedding. Where was it held and what was special about it?

Our wedding was completely magical.  We essentially eloped and invited my parents.  My parents belong to a club called the Bath Club which is right on the Gulf.  It’s small with about ten brightly decorated cabanas which are tricked out and privately owned by the members. There’s a main club house with a full kitchen where a private chef created our post wedding dinner. We were married at sunset by Kevin Kiser and photographed by Megan Mahoney.  The combination of the two of them, my sweet parents, and marrying the man I love was probably the most beautiful experience of my life.

She then shared a touching side note…

The oddest thing happened at dinner.  The sun had set so we were sitting outside in candle light. Both of David’s parents have passed away and I wanted to have them somehow “there” so I wore his father’s gold watch and, I don’t remember how we got on the subject, but David was telling my parents what a good sport his mother was about letting him keep a stray cat he found as a child.  Out of the blue, while he was talking, a pure white cat came out of the darkness, circled the table, and jumped in my lap.  My parents had never seen her before but we all had chills. It felt as though we had his mother’s blessing. That same cat has now been adopted by the Bath Club, which is not at all a bad choice for a home.

After dinner we took off to our hotel and when the staff saw us in our wedding outfits they started comping us everything (David thought we should start wearing our wedding outfits every weekend)! We went to the rooftop bar, which was packed, and everyone started buying us drinks….we danced and had a complete blast….it was like a reception without the responsibility… all in my Claudio Milano outfit!

3. Picking the right bridal outfit can be pretty intimidating. What gave you the confidence that you were picking the right outfit for you?

I am not a dressy, fancy kind of girl. I essentially live in jeans and boots and I like a clean, classic, simple look. I don’t wear a lot of color… I find it distracting …I couldn’t imagine wearing some heavy, corny, over the top, goofy gown. I wanted something light, simple, care free, and sophisticated, but mostly something I would actually wear again.


4. What made you go with linen versus the traditional wedding look and did you feel that was the right choice?

In the beginning I did, just for kicks, look at actual gowns. But, in truth, no matter the price tag they just looked synthetic and cheap… to me. They don’t breathe and, being on the short side, they just make me look like an overly decorated cupcake or a very girly lampshade.

5. How did you come across Claudio and why did you choose to go with our brand over others on your wedding day?

I literally started with my computer typing ‘white linen skirt’ and Claudio Milano popped right up. It was a no brainer. Especially after Roe (our e-commerce manager) got right back to me and gave me the thumbs up on my choices.

My linen Claudio Milano “get up” was breathable, I could move in it and it was super, super cute and I got a lot of compliments on it. Even into the wee hours of the night after crazy dancing, my outfit still looked white and cool…a very nice touch to what was a magical day!