Sustainable Fashion Goals

Men's Linen 

In recent years, the fashion industry has taken on a new world of “eco-friendly” and “organic” products, thus changing the game completely; and for good reason! How convenient is it to be able to look good and help the planet? These days, that’s the goal for most brands out there: to provide clothing that is fashionable, comfortable, and sustainable. And there’s one thing in particular that stands out to me as doing just that!

Linen: the fabric of the future. We as consumers understand the importance of protecting our environment while maintaining high-quality standards, and these factors are exactly what make linen as amazing as it is.


What’s so great about linen?

Linen is a natural textile that is woven from flax fibers, and that dates as far back as 800 BC. It is well known for being cool, light, and breezy, making it especially easy to wear outdoors and in hot weather.

But, best of all, it has an insane amount of sustainable benefits. For starters, the flax plant itself requires significantly less water than does its cotton counterpart. In fact, it can survive and thrive with nothing but rainwater. That means no irrigation systems, no soil erosion, no environmental harm! What’s more? While we use fibers from the stalk to make our beloved linen fabrics, the rest of the plant can be used to make other products as well, so no part of the plant goes to waste. However, my personal favorite thing about linen is that, when it is un-dyed, it is both biodegradable and recyclable!

Women's Linen

Why should you wear linen?

As if all of the information about linen’s sustainability and eco-friendliness isn’t enough, it is also the epitome of comfort and luxury all rolled into one lovely fabric. Why? Because the way it is woven provides optimal airflow, therefore making it a breathable, non-cling fabric. And, while linen’s natural color is usually a lighter off-white shade, it is a dirt-resistant fabric that absorbs moisture and conducts heat. Yup, you read that right; that means that you don’t have to worry about perspiration or overheating in linen garments. Wearing a linen dress basically means walking around in your own personal cooling system! This makes linen clothing an absolute necessity in warmer climates.


The reasons are pretty clear as to why linen is considered one of the most opulent fabrics in the world. Adding linen to your closet is a decision that will completely transform your wardrobe for the better, both for your own comfort and for the earth!