Claudio Milano

Women's Italian Style Linen Sleeveless Flare Dress with Belt | Unique Design, Item #8397

Color: WHITE

Linen Dress for women - white Italian style sleeveless flare dress with belt also in black, red, aqua, blue, green all 100% natural 100% organic Linen fabric.#8397

Item #8397 (Unique design) - Limited edition.

Claudio Milano unique creative Women Linen Dress Italian style fashion design

Claudio Milano designs European linen clothing in Italian Style made from %100 natural materials. Experts in Italian style quality linen dresses the clothing shop online offers in the claudia milan line, designed white summer dresses for women and linen pants for men. Unique Styled Linen Dresses Canada and Italian European linen clothing style made by linen designer clothing USA, Florida

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